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On using our site you agree...

1.1 - Not to post defamatory or toxic reviews.

1.2 - Not to copy any of our design or images without our consent

For the purposes of Online Ordering you agree...

2.1 - To allow us a minimum of 30 minutes to cook your food and a further 15 minutes to deliver it, we may take shorter time to deliver the order, but we may also take longer on busier nights e.g Fri, Sat please be patient.

Our average delivery time is around 40-45 minutes, for a £15-£20 order.

2.2 - To allow us to refuse to deliver if it is outside our delivery areas of G52, G53, G78, PA1, however we may at our discretion deliver outside these areas from time to time.

2.3 - That once an order is confirmed it will be COOKED and DELIVERED, no cancellations allowed, furthermore if PAID BY CARD ONLINE, no refund will be forthcoming.  Please think carefully before paying online. If you order outside our opening hours or if you pay multiple times by card through your own negligence we will offer a credit note to be used in our takeaway/restaurant.

2.5 - Refunds will only be offered if the food is EXTREMELY LATE (90 mins or more) AND is COLD/INEDIBLE.

ALL of the original food must be returned to the driver; We reserve the right to refuse a refund for any part of the food which is unreturned.  Excuses like, “its in the bin” or “the dog has eaten it” are not valid.

2.6 - Further to 2.5, if a customer FALLS ASLEEP, IS DRUNK, DOES NOT ANSWER DOOR OR PHONE, or anything to prevent the normal delivery of food then total liability rests with the customer and the food will be deemed DELIVERED and full charges apply. No refunds.

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